Partnering with ACH


The Rewards of Working with ACH


Like our other strategic partners, you will find that working with ACH can:


  • Grow your prospect base.
  • Help you expand your products and services and, therefore, offer more options to your clients.
  • Demonstrate value to your clients with a full spectrum of options that can be tailored to meet their needs.
  • Put more money in your pocket with commissions that last the life of the client.
  • Keep you educated on the latest trends, news, and events in the industry.
  • Reduce risk for both you and your clients.
  • Provide you with the leading benefits administration technology tool that:
    • Can be custom branded to reflect your very own look and feel.
    • Enables you to set up new clients on the system in just minutes.
    • Generates online quotes from our suite of benefits options.
    • Manages your entire customer base through a single system.
    • Creates business management and statistical reports for analytics and insurance procurement.
    • Identifies new potential sales opportunities by monitoring new hires, life events, and terminations.
    • Reduces the administrative burden for you and your staff so you can concentrate on delivering high-value services and acquiring new clients.


To qualify to become a licensed ACH contract broker, send your information to:
Attention: Sales & Marketing Division, 777 East Altamonte Driv,e Altamonte Springs, FL 32701



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