ACH is proud to announce a new, free employee benefit!



Effective immediately, all employees in the state of Florida are eligible to utilize the Auto Advisor Program. Auto Advisors is the nation's second largest credit union car buying program and ACH is making this valued service available to you.


Here's the TOP TEN reasons why this free, trusted service is an important benefit to you!


  1. Auto Advisors has helped over 50,000 consumers buy new and used vehicles, one at a time.
  2. By using Auto Advisors consumers save, on average, over $2200 on the entire transaction, including financing, insurance and aftermarket products.
  3. Auto Advisors has contractual relationships with over 30 credit unions in Florida who are able to provide you with the most competitive finance rates in the industry today..
  4. Auto Advisors never buys or sells cars, so they have no hidden agenda or incentive to present a vehicle you don't want. There is simply no product bias; you get what you want!
  5. Auto Advisors earns a flat marketing fee from the dealer, not dependent on profit, for each vehicle they deliver. Whether it is a $10,000 vehicle or an $80,000 vehicle, Auto Advisors earns the same FLAT fee.
  6. Auto Advisors will literally shop your trade-in to get the highest value, so you don't have to go dealer to dealer.
  7. You will be assigned a personal Auto Advisor to help you through the entire transaction. Upon request, they will even accompany you to the dealer to insure a fast and prompt delivery, usually in less than 90 minutes.
  8. This process takes the guess work out of car buying. You get full disclosure and all the facts. You are in control!
  9. Most consumers buy one vehicle every three or four years. Because Auto Advisors delivers THOUSANDS of vehicles each year, you enjoy their buying power.
  10. With this resource at your fingertips, Why Go it Alone?


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