Insurance Professionals:


As an independent insurance agent and AUE partner, you're entitled to offer clients our cash flow friendly Pay as you go workers' compensation plan. In addition to satisfied clients, our partnership program offers you competitive commissions and the opportunity to expand your role as your clients' insurance advisor.


Opportunities for increased revenues:


In today's restrictive workers' compensation market, our payment service provides you with several competitive advantages.


  • Earn competitive commissions on collected premiums.
  • Expand the range of clients to whom you can offer coverage, including new businesses.
  • Increase client retention with the integration of our full-service payroll and Pay as you go workers' compensation plans.
  • Save time, and focus on other lines of coverage.


Life & Health Agents:


Your specialty is employee benefits. Ours is improving efficiency and productivity. Together, with your experience and our proven results, we can dramatically increase a clients' return on investment through demonstrably better cost control, productivity, efficiency, labor costs and overall employee satisfaction.


  • Payroll Management
  • Benefits Management
  • Time & Labor Management
  • 401(k)/Retirement Services


A broker builds and sustains personal relationships with clients and therefore knows as well as they the challenges faced. They also see opportunities.


The best way to keep clients is to exceed their expectations. With AUE, you're not just another broker firm. You have significant added value.


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