Our company made the decision to use the co-employment arrangement with ACH in 1997. Your services have freed up our time to concentrate on making money instead of pushing paper internally. No longer having to deal with payroll, tax deposits, work. comp. renewals and audit, health insurance shopping annually, employee drug testing and regulations, 401K administration costs has been a true time saver. Your large group concept really works.

-Andrew Erlee, President
Secure Shredding



I needed a construction bond for my business in 1981. No insurance agent would do it for me - too much trouble for no return, they said. I walked into the office of ACH and Mr. Hall said "Sure......we will help you and we are here anytime you need us". Nearly 30 years later, we still utilize ACH services. Today, we build hotels all over the country and ACH still handles all of our insurance needs. In 1996, on the advice of Mr. Hall, we moved to their PEO employee leasing program, saving time and money, allowing us to focus on our core productive business activity. Without ACH, we would have wasted valuable time with nonproductive personnel administrative activities, limiting our growth and success. With ACH as a valuable partner, we have grown faster and further, more efficiently and profitably. What a great decision we made when we began working with ACH so many years ago.

-William Parramore, CEO
INNternational Hospitality Inc



Denove Plumbing wants potential customers of ACH to know of the outstanding success that our company experienced working with this quality service provider since 1998. They have proven to be extremely capable in all aspects of our payroll, insurance and personnel needs. They have saved us tens of thousands of dollars in payroll taxes, administration costs, and insurance services, while always being professional and pleasant. We left oneof their competitors for ACH and never looked back. They far surpass expectations.

-Travis Tucker
Denove Plumbing



On behalf of the Board of Directors, a million thanks for your services to our community association. We have never had such expert advice on personnel administration and insurance matters.

-K. Malcolm
The Highlands



Our restaurant has outsourced personnel administration, payroll and insurance matters to ACH for 25 years. We save money and we can focus on running our restaurant, while they take care of the backroom issues of insurance renewals, payroll and tax matters, and claim administration. It has been a great and profitable relationship.

-Carlos Lantiqua, President
Patsios/The Cuban Hut



I've been taking advantage of ACH of America services since 1/2001 and recommend them to any small business owner. They take all of the headache out of that portion of the business, (payroll), so that I can spend my valuable time on more profitable issues. For example, from time to time I'll receive a call from an ex employee from 8 months ago with a question about something that I've long fogotten about. I simply refer them to ACH and they get everything they need. ACH remains available anytime to field my HR related questions, and their advice has always been right on target.Attracting and keeping quality people is key, and having a whole pallet of benefits available is a real plus. There is no way that I could keep up with all of that on my own. Due to their size, their rates are always lower than what I would have to pay on my own.

-Bob F.


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