We are a group of individual companies and service providers, untilizing a shared management and service/sales team from our headquarters in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  We are structured to operate on a national scale and can deliver our program of services in a majority of states.

We provide personnel administrative outsourcing services in a cost effective and varied system to fit the demands and needs of most small and medium size businesses.

We bring together clients and their employees in a larger buying group, under contract, to accomplish savings for all for their insurance, payroll, tax preparation, benefits, and claims administration, work. comp., risk management and loss control, 401K and qualified retirement program administration; human resource and regulatory compliance issues and needs.

Our services are offered as a total package, all-inclusive, or on a menued basis, as best serves the clients needs.  We sell and market our services through a combination of internal sales and management representatives, outside brokers and licensed insurance agents.

ACH OF AMERICA, LLC– a holding company that combines all of our service and delivery systems under one umbrella company.

AMERICAN UNITED EMPLOYERS II, INC –  a contract staffing company and program, assuming by contract all employer responsibilities for a clients assigned employees, providing a total package of benefits, payroll and tax administration, HR services, risk management and loss control services, work.comp.insurance administration, hiring and personnel replacement services, with full assumption of employer liability.

AUE STAFFING, INC– a special division with a focus on temporary or short term staffing needs.

ACH CORP OF AMERICA, INC. – a program of co-employment services, similar to contract staffing but with a sharing of employer responsibilities and liabilities, as defined by mutual agreement under contract.

ACH ASO SERVICES, INC– a menued approach to outsourcing elements of personnel administration.

ACH INSURANCE, INC – a sales and marketing agency for commercial insurance and benefits.

ACH FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC– financial & accounting management services – customized for your needs.



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